The pre wedding rehearsal is here to stay. In the past, photos taken during or before the wedding were quite traditional. However, original and daring essays took over this special event.

The pre wedding session is part of the preparation for the couple's big day. Its result can even be used during the ceremony to decorate the place.

Most of the grooms show interest in recording the decisive moments that precede the ceremony. This happens because this is a way of relieving the tensions of preparation and remembering the last moments before the big day forever.


What is Pre Wedding?

Pre wedding, or pre wedding, is a photo shoot held before the wedding dayin order to record the final stretch of preparations before the big day.

Unlike what happens in other trials, such as the trash the dress, the pre wedding photo sessions are held with more casual and casual clothes. That is, those that are the face of the couple.

In the past, this type of rehearsal was limited to a few marriage clichés: the couple cutting the cake, the bride's car arriving at the ceremony site, the couple cutting the cake and then toasting each other, for example.

This tradition has changed a lot, making room for more personal and innovative photographs.

Thus, the couple has the option of having a photo session in a country house, in a hotel or on the beach, for example.

The pre wedding rehearsal can also take place in an environment where the bride and groom feel at ease or have some connection with their love story.

Advantages of Doing a Pre Wedding

Performing a photo shoot before the wedding has some advantages for the bride and groom. Besides the photos can be used in the decoration of the environment, for example, this is also an intimate and special moment for the couple.

The photos can be used in invitations and decoration

When performing a pre wedding rehearsal, the resulting photos can be used in various situations, such as:

Save The Date

Save the date is a pre-wedding invitation which can be printed or digitally distributed. Thus, it is used to notify guests about the chosen day, so that they do not make any appointments on the date in question.

In this way, the photo shoot can also be used at that time.

entrance hall

The couple can choose to enlarge one of the photos from the pre wedding rehearsal, in order to frame it and place it in the entrance hall of the ceremony site.

In addition to serving as a “welcome”, guests can also use this location to take lots of pictures.

Photo wall 

The photo of the entrance hall can be replaced by a photo mural. Thus, the photos are organized into panels, allowing guests to interact with him when writing messages for the couple.

If the wedding is outdoors, the photographs can be hung on ribbons and tied at some high point, such as trees, for example.

Picture frames

Another use of pre wedding photos is decoration. Thus, they can be used in different places of the ceremony, including in frames placed on the cake and sweets table.

The frames can be classic, fun or romantic, everything will depend on the couple's taste and the decoration theme.

Walkway of the bride and groom

The path through which the bride and groom will pass, in order to reach the altar, can also be decorated with a walkway full of photos taken during the pre wedding rehearsal.


Several couples distribute personalized souvenirs at the end of the party, and often a photo of the couple is printed on the present.

So, if the goal is to distribute a pair of slippers, for example, a photo of the pre wedding shoot can serve as a print of both the shoes and their packaging.

The session is a special moment for the couple

The photo session held before the wedding day is a very special moment for the bride and groom. During the organization of the party, it is common that couples do not have much time to enjoy together.

That way, the photo shoot can be an excellent solution! This is because this type of rehearsal, besides being fun, is very intimate, providing a moment of rest, peace, togetherness and a lot of love before the big day.

It is a reminder of the organization of the wedding

Certainly, the big day will be recorded in photos, videos, in the memory of all the guests and, mainly, in the couple.

But, for the wedding day to be possible, there is always a lot of preparation behind it.

So, doing a photo shoot before the wedding date, it is very important to remember the last days of singles and all the effort made to achieve the result in question.

For everything to come out perfectly, you need to know how to make an exemplary pre wedding session.

The choice of the theme should reflect the personality of the couple

The basis of this type of photo essay is the registration of the couple's attunement. There is no reason the rehearsal will be done in a park amid classic bicycles if the couple does not enjoy this type of program.

Many themes can be romantic depending on the look of the photographer. Thus, they can be made based on football, rock'n roll, cuisine, among others.

The important thing here is to identify something that the couple can identify with.

Choose a beautiful location for the session

First of all, you need to choose, together with the bride and groom, a beautiful location for the photo shoot. Base your choice according to the theme of the photographs that can be: romantic, vintage, casual, fun.

The location does not have to be rented or exclusive. There are certainly many interesting and unusual points close to the region where the bride and groom reside.

However, it is important that you pay attention to weather conditions. Tests performed outdoors, for example, should not be scheduled in times of heavy rain, as they may end up having a bad final result.

In addition, it is important that you choose a location that has to do with the couple's love story or that reflects it in some way.

Help with suggestions for the couple's clothes

After choosing the theme of the rehearsal and the location, it was time to choose the costume. It is important that you give the couple tips on what to use and what not to use on the day of the photo shoot.

It is important that the clothing is consistent with the concept of the photos and what the couple wants to go through with the photos.

So, if the rehearsal takes place in a park of ruins, for example, a more informal outfit can contrast well with the environment.

Mainly record the interaction between the couple

One of the most important things in this essay is the recording of the interaction between the couple. So, it is essential that you record the way they relate.

Focus on recording looks, gestures, kisses and touches. That is, everything that characterizes the way they interact with each other.

Carry accessories

Before defining which accessories to take for a pre wedding rehearsal, study a little about the couple's history. This is so that the essay is not cliché and full of fashion. It needs to be quite original.

So, if you are going to insert any kind of element, be sure it makes sense for the couple.

I always like to suggest that if we are going to insert some element, that it is something that makes sense to the couple or that in some way can further enhance the couple's image. Like the detail of the flowers in the bride's hairstyle below.

Funny and creative accessories

If the couple in question is high-spirited, fun and playful, it is very interesting to include accessories that characterize this.

Different and colorful ties, brightly colored blazer, antique hats, suspenders. Accessories that help to break the mood of a rehearsal and intensify these characteristics of the couple are always welcome.


Flowers are great accessories for a pre wedding photo shoot. In addition to being able to use them in the decoration of the environment or as a bouquet, they also look great as an ornament for the groom and bride's clothes and as hair tiaras.

Accessories in the pre wedding rehearsal that help in the romantic mood

Taking romantic accessories is also great, in order to create a more loving atmosphere between the couple.

Some examples are:

  • Save the date blackboard or chalkboard;
  • Champagne;
  • Wreath of flowers;
  • Heart-shaped bladders.

How long before the wedding is the Pre wedding?

There is no certain date for this photo essay. However, most photographers choose to do it one to two months before the official date of the event.

This way, it is easier to use the photos both in the save the date and in the decoration of the ceremony, for example.

Creative Ideas for Pre Wedding Sessions

Pre wedding at the beach

A rehearsal performed on the beach usually results in very romantic photos. So, if the couple likes this type of tour, this can be a great choice of location.

Pre wedding in the field

A photo session in the field is able to bring the couple even closer, resulting in a great interaction between them.

Don't forget the lighting settings!

To photograph people during sunset, you can use a flash in automatic exposure mode to soften the image.

To click all possible details, it is recommended that you use exposure compensation to adjust and correct the exposure as a whole.

Pre wedding with children

If the couple has children, it is interesting that they participate in the rehearsal. In addition to the result being more welcoming, it will register a special family moment.

Pre wedding in urban settings

Many rehearsals are done in urban settings, especially when it is part of the couple's routine. In addition, you can obtain excellent results in this type of location.

Pre wedding in places that marked the relationship

Another way to make the pre wedding rehearsal even more special is by choosing the location that marked the relationship. They can be a restaurant, a hotel or a football stadium, for example.

Pre wedding with pets

If the bride and groom have pets, suggest that they take them to the rehearsal. That way, the result will be even more original.

Pre wedding in the rain

Photos in the rain are great. They portray a unique and unexpected romanticism, as in love scenes in films.


The pre wedding rehearsal is nothing more than a photo session held one to two months before the wedding. It aims to record the preparations for the ceremony and the couple's last singles moments.

The results of the rehearsal can be used both in the invitation and in the decoration of the ceremony, making it unique and unforgettable.

Photography, Alan Oliveira

To click unforgettable moments, it is important that you do not forget the following points:

  • The choice of theme it should reflect the personality of the couple;
  • Choose one beautiful location for the session;
  • Help with suggestions for the bride and groom's clothes;
  • Mainly record the interaction between the couple;
  • Light accessories funny, creative and romantic.


And you, have you done the pre wedding photo shoot? Tell us about the experience and if you have any tips for other readers!

And don't forget: if you still have any questions, just leave your question in the comments!

Thanks for reading this far!