Just having memories of your wedding day photos is no longer enough for brides. The new fashion now is Trash The Dress. At first the term may seem daunting, but a lot of people must be asking themselves “what do you mean, destroy the dress”?

The trash the dress is nothing more than a photo shoot in exotic settings, without fear or worry of spoiling or dirtying the bride's dress, the purpose of this photo shoot is really daring.


How is Trash The Dress done?

Generally, the trash the dress is held a few days after the ceremony or honeymoon. In the session both the bride and groom participate in the photos, being able to lie on the floor, roll on the sand, enter the water and many other options. The rehearsal is a moment of relaxation in which the bride and groom should not be surrounded with all that wedding concern, in which everything must be perfect, the ideal is that the photo should be spontaneous and as natural as possible.

The trash the dress still has its version light, that is, for women who do not like to spoil the dress. In this case the photo shoot is done only in a different place, it is enough to get incredible photos for the new wedding souvenir album.


We photographers specialized in this type of test ensure that it is possible to do trash the dress with a rented dress, no problem. The only recommendation is to talk to the studio where the dress will be rented, talk about your intention to do this type of rehearsal, and also agree about the dress rental, if you can extend it for a few more days.

The Session trash the dress demands a little more daring from the bride and groom, on the part of the two, because both the bride and groom will participate in the rehearsal with the wedding dirty clothes. Anyone willing to do this daring test, will have to be willing to let go and have fun in front of the photos.


Scenarios for Trash The Dress

The choice of the scenery is also a very important element to make the photos even more daring. The most frequent choices include beaches, waterfalls, farms, large gardens, disabled train stations, among many other scenarios.

Other locations that are really cool to be doing this kind of photo shoot are museums, parks, country clubs and tourist spots, it is worth letting your imagination go. The more exotic the scenery, the more different and beautiful the test result will be trash the dress. For example, if both parties like football, why not do a photo shoot in a stadium? Here is the tip for the bride and groom.

A great scenario suggestion is a place that has a special meaning for the couple or the place they met, where he proposed, or where they first kissed. But once again, it is worth mentioning that imagination is the best option. Go with your wedding dress in places you would never dress like that. The location for the trash the dress rehearsal must include varied and unusual environments. A beach with woods, for example, an abandoned factory or even a lake nearby. The water element is very important, as in general, most trash the dress photos include the wet dress.

There are essays in which the photographer accompanies the couple even on their honeymoon, it can be a great idea depending on the destination of the couple's trip. The important thing is that the photos reflect the style of the bride and groom. However, despite the exotic photos and unusual locations, the trash the dress it is a special moment that allows memories full of emotions for the couple.


It is the moment where the bride gets dressed and can feel the sensation if she wears the dress that marked the most important date of her life and shares with her husband the most fun moments of the rehearsals that are recorded in beautiful and different photographs.

Photography, Alan Oliveira

12 Tips for a Perfect Trash Rehearsal Dress

1. Depending on the chosen location, the dress may return only dirty or badly damaged. Whatever the option, it is not a good idea to do this with a rented part.

2. If you don't want to ruin the model chosen for the wedding, you can buy another dress for the photo shoot. Lighter and more uncomplicated models are ideal for you to walk around the chosen space at ease without getting tired or dying of heat.

3. You will also need to order another bouquet for the day of the rehearsal. As photos are usually taken in the sun, avoid the most delicate flowers that can darken or wilt quickly.

4. Choose a place where you really feel comfortable. If you choose a farm and are unsure of what is there, it will be visible in the photos.

5. Use sunscreen and, depending on the location, prefer what already has insect repellent in its formula. Test the product days before to see if it does not cause allergy.

6. Body care should be the same as on the wedding day: waxing, well-done nails, hairstyle and light makeup. If you intend to enter the sea or the waterfall, ask the makeup artist to use waterproof products.

7. The groom must use an antiperspirant deodorant to prevent sweat stains from appearing on the shirt. If possible, bring a different shirt to change if there is a problem.

8. In the meeting with the professional responsible for the dress trash, specify the type of photograph you would like to have. Photos with a touch of sensuality? Photos in a mood of romance? Fun photos? A bit of each? In addition, as there is a lot of variation in light during the day, the times agreed with the photographer must be respected for the desired result to be obtained.

9. First take all the photos in dry places and leave the last ones to be taken in the water, always respecting the professional's guidelines regarding light.

10. Remember to bring water to drink and something to eat if the session takes longer than planned.

11. Bring bath towels, clothes and shoes to change at the end of the session.

12. Have fun! The happier, more excited and passionate you are, the more beautiful your photos will be.

Avoid in a Trash The Dress session

1. Photograph on slippery rocks on beaches and waterfalls.

2. Take chances in places where the sea is rough.

3. Any “original” idea that could put your safety at risk.